For only $25, this 4 module course will walk you through the simple steps you need to take to launch your online, service based business.
Tell me if this sounds familiar:
Confused about which business is really right for you
Overwhelmed by all the technology
Struggling to follow through on ideas you have
Not sure if you could even make it work
Don’t know how or where to consistently find clients
If this is you, register for How to Start Your Online Business, my 4 module course that will walk you through exactly what you need to decide, and then do, to get your business launched and signing clients.
What you will learn:
Which business is the perfect fit for you based on your past experiences and knowledge
How to make money with this business
Crafting your first offer
Which structures you need in place from day 1
How to tell people about your new business
What marketing is most effective for launching your new business
How to get your first clients
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June will be second $5k month in a row! Today was $750 cash DAY and I remember when a year ago this was a "good month" for my business!
Officially launched my Life Coaching Business today! Went to a Women in Business conference and got in front of new eyeballs. Also got a request for my first Discovery Call through my new website. Excited for the journey ahead!
I did it!!! I just signed a new client and I've officially made $5816.67 so far in January! My first ever 5k month! WHAT EVEN! Thank you, Samantha!!!
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I’m Samantha Siffring, certified life coach and business consultant - and I have helped hundreds of moms get their online business started and profitable since 2017. 

Ten years ago, I found myself at home with babies and toddlers, trying to figure out how I could take all of my skills and experience and use them to contribute to our family finances. 

After a lot of trial and error - I finally found the thing that brought all of my seemingly unrelated skills and experiences together. I made my first $100k with three kids under 10, the youngest still at home with me most of the time. 

And I knew that I wasn’t the only mom who needed help figuring out the exact same thing - and decided to make that the focus of my business. 

I help you take your passions and skills and turn them into a business that actually works.
Frequently Asked Questions
I want to open a brick and mortar or product business, is this going to help me?
This training is geared towards those who want to start a business quickly, with a low amount of overhead - so it will be teaching you how to choose and start an online, service based business. 
How long are the training videos?
Most of the training videos are between 5-8 minutes. I intentionally wanted bite-sized videos for this training so that you can fit them into your REAL life and schedule, and not have to set aside hours at a time to learn.
Do I need a certification to start my business or participate in the course?
This training will help you choose a business based on your existing knowledge, skills, and interests - if you have a certification in something already, that’s great! If you don’t, no need to worry - there are still great options available for you.
What type of business is this going to teach me about?
This training is about online, service based businesses, and will teach you about the different options (like: virtual assisting, coaching, consulting, graphic design, etc) and help you choose which one is the best match for you right now… as well as how to get started and get your first clients.
Will you teach me legal/financial things like how to get an LLC, etc?
This training is not a substitute for legal and financial advice (I am not a lawyer or CPA, so I can’t do that!) I also can’t be an expert in business law in every location in the world. What you will get is a high level overview of what the options are, how to decide what is right for you, and how to find additional free resources. So many people get caught up in this area and end up not moving forward because of overwhelm, so we’ll be giving you a simple explanation of how/when these things make sense in business so you can decide.
Will you teach me how to get my first client?
YES! Part of launching your business is making that first dollar - and most people miss opportunities for this to be really easy. I will be talking about the ways to promote your business at the beginning that most people miss but make it easy for you to sign that first client.
How does this program compare to Mama to CEO?
How to Start Your Online Business is the precursor to Mama to CEO. While we have always had clients join Mama to CEO without any business, and start it after joining - we heard from many more of you who wanted to start your business and craft your offer before making a larger investment like Mama to CEO. I created How to Start Your Online Business to give you that first step - and a taste of working with me - so you can be even more confident in your investment in Mama to CEO.

How to Start Your Online Business is set up to introduce you to all the options in the online business space, and walk you through choosing the right business for you and getting everything together to start signing clients. 

With Mama to CEO you build on that foundation: to balance business ownership with motherhood and everything else on your plate, to develop your consistent marketing message, and to start making consistent money with your business, whether your goal is $500 a month or $100k in a year. And in Mama to CEO, you receive ongoing access to coaching and support.
I believe in SIMPLIFYING online business and marketing so that anyone with the dream of starting a business can have one.

Sign up now to get started on launching YOUR online business.

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